Sea Walls

Sea Wall Building Service

Shoreline Guardians

Properly built Sea Walls are vital to keeping your property safe from erosion and providing usable space for you to enjoy the beauty of the Island. Seawalls face some of the roughest conditions imaginable, with hydraulic force constantly working against them. Your Sea Wall needs to be designed and built to the highest standards.

Sea Wall construction can face more challenges than just the wall’s strength; they can require technical access and equipment restrictions that, if not organized properly, could cause substantial additional costs to your project.

As retaining wall contractors near you, we can provide Sea Wall solutions for properties with challenging access to materials and equipment, usually by working from the water. On top of proper design, construction, and equipment access, environmental considerations are a huge factor when working along the waterfront.

We can provide consultation and permitting to minimize all environmental risks so your shoreline stays healthy.