Drainage systems

We specialize in comprehensive drainage solutions at Newton Valley Excavating, ensuring your property remains dry and functional. Our expert team, renowned as leading septic system installers, offers top-notch septic service near you.

We understand the importance of a well-maintained septic system for the health of your drainage network. Our services extend to meticulous septic system maintenance, safeguarding against potential issues.

Are you in need of septic system repair near you? Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle all repairs, ensuring your system operates efficiently. As dedicated septic tank contractors near you, we guarantee quality workmanship and lasting results, making us your go-to choice for all septic and drainage needs.

Water Line Repair Service

Drainflow Masters

  • Living on Vancouver Island, we see our fair share of wet weather. We understand the importance of having functional storm drains free of damage or obstructions. Our tooling and equipment allow us to locate any blockage or damage causing system backups.
  • With various equipment, we can provide you with a drain replacement service or repair to keep things flowing as they should. From repairs to new perimeter drain systems, we have you covered.