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Farming Craftsmanship

Agriculture is a part of Southern Vancouver Island; it’s part of our history and community. Growing up in the farming community and raising livestock ourselves has allowed us to form a diverse knowledge of husbandry requirements for Livestock. We understand the importance of proper drainage and footing construction to keep your riding rings, paddocks and livestock areas dry and free of health impacts.

Footing construction is more than placing gravel; it determines the longevity of your paddocks and riding rings and the health impacts on your animals. Improper construction can lead to unusable space and impact your animal’s well-being.

Drainage and grading livestock pens, riding rings, and paddocks can overwhelm upkeep if correctly installed and managed. We pride ourselves on understanding proper drainage construction and grading to minimize standing water and poor surfacing, which can adversely affect all livestock.

If you want to build horse paddocks, riding rings or livestock enclosures built to last, contact Newton Valley Excavating for a free estimate.

Durable Solutions

Expertise in livestock area construction and maintenance.

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Building horse paddocks

Expert construction for durable horse paddocks.

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Riding rings

Quality riding rings with optimal drainage.

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Livestock paddocks

Safe, well-drained livestock enclosures.