Rock Breaking

Rock Breaking for Construction

Expert Solutions

Living on Vancouver Island, we see various job site conditions, one of the most challenging being solid rock.

If you need to remove rock to landscape, meet design elevations or tackle some unexpected surprises, we can offer various equipment attachment solutions to handle even the most challenging ground. No matter the size, are equipped with Breaker attachments to break and remove these challenging components. From 2-ton mini excavators to full-sized machines, we know how to appropriately size the equipment for the job to save you time and money.

Blasting is crucial to dealing with large amounts of rock on any site; whether creating road access, installing underground utilities or digging for your dream home, Newton Valley Excavating is prepared to move mountains. Our network of reliable and professional drillers & blasters lets us keep your project moving on time and within budget. We can coordinate the necessary permits, site preparations and scheduling for all blasting projects.